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GC Academy has obtained higher education institutional accreditation

In January 2020, the National Commission For Further and Higher Education of Malta licensed us as a Higher Education Institution under the licence number 2020-001. It practically means that from now on, we are able to provide higher education programmes exclusively through digital channels. Our licence is valid until 2025 January.

“In the past year, we have been working hard to obtain this certificate and now we are very proud of it. We have been providing online education services on a very high standard for many years, and now we are looking forward to further developing our portfolio with having this recognition under our belt. I would like to thank the National Commission For Further and Higher Education of Malta for their excellent support in this process.”

Levente Nagy-Pál, CEO

Lastest news

Distance learning: is it crisis management or opportunity?

Our lives have changed. Each generation has a chance in their lives to witness some historical changes.

The world wars, the Vietnam War and the fall of the Berlin Wall each indicated the onset of a new era. Those who lived through these life-changing moments are all aware that something significant is happening. They are also worried about the novelty.

Current generations, especially post-secondary and university students have just experienced a drastic and almost completely unforeseen cataclysm signalling the coming of a changing world.

GC engine LMS. The future of adaptive e-learning.


Educational Institutions

During the development of our system, we are aiming to build a learning environment that is the closest to on-site education. Our communication tools supporting the instructor-student contact are unique on the current market.

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Sports Organizations

In the 21st century education in the sport sector must play a more and more important role.
It is crucial not only in the chase of better results, but in promoting the spirit of sport and in disseminating the already existing knowledge as well.

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Education is crucial for firms, transnational corporations. In the business sector knowledge means financial resources. The corporations of the future – especially if they are present in several countries – have to focus on the education of their employees.

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GC engine - all in one

  • Courses and assessments can run in multiple languages simultaneously
  • QR code-based certificate generation. The system provides a high level of security in identifying certificate owners.
  • Built-in video examination system with face recognition technology. Tests can be carried out with the obligatory use of web cameras to avoid possible fraud.
  • Students and instructors have user profiles which can be filled in with professional information and contact details.
  • An internal messaging system and discussion forums are available with built in Google translation function. Chat function also allows participants to chat in real-time.
  • Clients using GC engine get an individual website and mobile application, customized to their organization’s branding.
  • Students can take notes while studying. The note taking functionality is always available and provide the opportunity to take notes, save them and share in pdf format to everyone.
About us

At Global Connect Academy, we believe that the power of education can open hearts and minds. Our e-learning software, the GC engine provides high-quality, tailor-made e-learning solutions for educational institutions, corporations and sports associations.


Global Connect Academy created the e-learning platform used by the International Judo Federation. IJF’s main aim is to provide professional education in all sectors of judo. One area that the Academy is addressing is the development and operation of the IJF Academy Foundation and it’s higher education and certification system.

Coach training and certification is often beyond the resources of the national federations, so IJF Academy is supporting its affiliate federations by providing a Coach Qualification Program. Visit the IJF Academy site to see GC engine at work.


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