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The Future of Sport Education

Sport Organizations

In the 21st century, education in the sport sector is growing in importance. It is crucial not only in the race for better results, but also in promoting the spirit of sport and in disseminating existing knowledge as well. The Global Connect Academy is here to put our experience in e-learning program development and our unique knowledge in sport-related education together for our clients. We are proud of the fact that our team had great involvement in SportAccord, the umbrella organization for international sports federations and were able to start its first sport management course, free of charge, for everyone around the world. It was a pioneer project not only for SportAccord, but for the entire sport community. Our e-learning services are now available to international and national sport federations, sport organizations and clubs.

User quotes

Celeste Knoester:
The online platform was very easy to use and navigate making the learning experience better. Online tests are smooth and I believe all the questions were of appropriate difficulty in relation to the content.


Calvin Knoester:
The IJF Academy online platform was easy to use and understand and looked very professional. I liked how the education materials were set up (…) The process of testing was ideal I think, with weekly tests and then the final exam on all of the topics at the end.

Migration or producing educational content

Our team has over a decade of experience in developing educational programs for sports associations. We develop programs based on their specific needs, and the goals for their learning program. Our services include the migration of pre-existing materials, as well as the development of brand new curriculum and educational materials.

Full service

It’s no secret that many sports organizations could use more HR support. Global Connect Academy is available to oversee the e-learning platform and services we provide. We can take care of everything from the digitization of educational materials, the development of online content, student and class management, to further development projects. In addition, we can provide support for course instructors and administrators.


If your organization already has an expert who is dedicated to e-learning and can take care of platform administration, Global Connect Academy can provide a short education course to your selected staff member, preparing him or her to handle the system efficiently as administrator going forward.

Multilingual structure

Sport goes beyond boundaries and beyond languages. It is essential to give athletes, coaches, and other stakeholders in the sports world access to expertise and knowledgable sports professionals, no matter where they’re based. GC engine is the best platform out there that can provide flexible, multilingual sports-related education. Not only can educational materials, tests and exercises be accessed in an unlimited number of languages, but we’ve also made paper-based tests accessible in all languages, too. This is a unique opportunity offered by our platform, making language changes possible with a click – even during tests.

Mobile app

Global Connect Academy can also create an individually designed and branded mobile application for students to use. This mobile app allows course participants to access their course materials from wherever they are, whenever they would like to study. A smartphone or tablet is all they need to learn and connect to their classmates and professors on the go.

Social network

The communication and social networking component of GC engine lets sport organizations build a live community. Students from any course can continue to connect with each other, even after their course is completed. They can chat with each other, exchange e-mails, and their community can remain an active one. Sports associations can also use the platform to keep contact with their alumni members, a group of people that is essential in maintaining and growing the organization.

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