GC engine

Individual branding

We design our LMS based on our clients’ needs. GC engine is an easy-to-use system that can be adapted in a dynamic way. All functionalities and design elements are added to the system based on our clients’ requests. Upon using GC engine, our clients get their own website, which can be stored on our own server or theirs, based on their needs.
Currently, we work with two types of designs. The first one is a modern design with videos on its main page, while the second one has a rather conservative style, but with the same level of modernity when it comes to functionalities.
Our system is able to generate pdf files from all important events on the platform (students’ test results, study notes, progression reports). These documents can be ornamented with a header and other elements to fit the design of the institution or course. The same goes for automated e-mails as well.

Video testing system with face recognition

It is unique to GC engine that it has a face recognition technology embedded in its student testing system. GC engine has all the test functions that can be used in online education:

Multiple choice test
• Matching test
• Ordering test
• Completion test
• Guided questions test
• Essay
• Video activity test

In the case of tests that need to be completed within a certain time (i. e. multiptestle choice tests), it is of paramount importance to control who is taking the test on the electronic device. We need to be able to check whether the person taking the test is the one who is registered and signed in as our student. That is the reason we embedded the face recognition system into our testing, so we can minimize the chances of fraud. Using this system, the instructor automatically receives a notification if the person who is taking the test is not the one who is supposed to. The instructor does not have to check all the students one-by-one, as the system is fully automized and sends an e-mail notification to the instructor upon recognizing a faulty or invalid test attempt. With this system, the instructor is able to check hundreds of tests and make the necessary moves in case of attempted fraud.
The testing system is also able to receive picture and video files, so the instructor can give these types of assignments as well.
Due to an embedded module, the system is able to manage not only static but dynamic tests as well, which is a very useful feature, i. e. in language learning.

Note taking

With our system, the students are able to take notes while studying. Our teaching materials are either text files, powerpoint presentations (in pdf format) or videos. The note taking functionality is available at all times and provide the opportunity to take notes, save them and read them upon opening the teaching material later on. The GC engine automatically exports the notes in pdf format, and if the students want to, they can send these notes to their peers and even the instructor.

Messaging and chat system:

Both a one-on-one real-time chatting system and a messaging system work on our platform. In the chat system, group chats can also be established to help studying and working in groups. These two communication systems are interlinked. From now on, the instructors and the students do not need to send e-mails to each other, as all communication can be done through our platform.

Comprehensive multilingualism:

Our LMS system is unique in the world in the sense of multilingualism. It can treat unlimited numbers of languages simultaneously; therefore, our users can use the platform in their own language. It is only possible if the contents in different languages are uploaded to the platform at the same time. This way, students can read the same educational materials in the same semester in multiple languages. In one of the current courses that runs on GC engine, students can learn in 11 languages simultaneously. (It is the Level 1 Judo Instructor Course of the International Judo Federation Academy.)
Our platform’s users can also switch between languages at any time, even during tests. This feature can be very useful for transnational companies and international education institutions.

We have embedded a Google Translation functionality into our forums, therefore, students and instructors not speaking the same language, but being involved in the same course, are able to communicate with each other. This type of exchange and team work does not only improves efficiency, but creates bonds among students, regardless of their geographical location.

Automated student and course management

GC engine is a fully automatized LMS. It is built in a very user-friendly way; therefore, it can be used with basic IT literacy by both the students and the instructors. The instructor gets an automated message about all activities that they need to know about, i. e. faulty test attempt, overdue assignment, missed test, etc. Furthermore, the course instructor is able to send e-mail messages through our integrated and fully automatized messaging system. These e-mail messages can be designed according to the branding of the course or institution and can be sent out to an unlimited number of students. Among other features, this functionality makes GC engine be able to meet the requirement of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).
On GC engine, the timing of the courses can vary, based on our clients’ needs. Some courses have an exact start and end date, while other courses can be completed in a flexible rhythm, based on the students’ own timing.


We develop an online application which can be modified based on our clients’ need. The application runs on Android operating system. The core of the application must be remained, but the design can be changed.
The application contains all features that can be found on the web-based platform.

Online payment:

Stripe, Paypal, Wechat, AliPay online payment systems are built into the platform. We integrate either of these systems info the platform based on the needs of our clients.

Individual calendar:

Our platform has an automatically filled-in calendar that contains all important dates and events linked to the studies. It also contains the users’ own individually taken notes.

Individual email client:

The instructors of the courses can keep in touch with their students through the built-in e-mail system. The design of these e-mails is tailor-made to the needs of the clients.

MOOC compatibility:

Originally, GC engine was developed to serve MOOCs. Our first MOOC ran in the framework of SportAccord Academy back in 2015, and was a great success. Therefore, our system possesses all functionalities that are necessary for MOOC purposes. Since then, it has been under constant development. Due to its embedded QR code-based certification system, it is fully automatized and barely needs human intervention once established.

LMS: A comparison

There’s a common complaint from many LMS users today: “Our LMS just difficult to work with.” This is a big problem in learning management, because if something is difficult to use, it ends up being unused, an investment with little-to-no return. Global Connect Academy aims to solve this problem in e-learning, starting with GC engine. As a platform, GC engine requires basic IT literacy, and it’s quite similar to using Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint. The basic administration structure guides the user in uploading course content with the click of a mouse.

When you need your course report, reporting is flexible. Administrators can export data into a well-designed PDF document, ready to store and share. Alternatively, admins can export to Excel when they need more flexibility in handling the data and content outside of GC engine. Set-up and management is easy, and the experience is a great one for educators and learners.

Let’s make a quick comparison with Moodle, a popular e-learning platform. Moodle has a test creation and upload system which requires a ready-made Excel template. This feature provides the unlimited possibility for the multilingual approach in testing, where the language can be switched even during the test. GC engine provides this same feature but our system cuts 45% of the time spent in getting this feature to work. Submit a contact form to get in touch and see how much time it can save your organization.

Features / LMS GC Engine Moodle 2.x Blackboard 9.1 SP3
About GC Engine is a flexible, customizable LMS specially designed for educational institutions, international sport federations and multinational companies. GC engine combines the convenience and community of the internet and mobile, the felexibility of a miltilingual program interfece and the latest assesmend and security technology in an effort to make e-learning more accesible for educational institutions and experts. Moodle is an Open Source Learning Management System that is provided freely and can be run on many operating systems. It’s “free to download, change, share, improve, and customize to whatever you want it to be,” according to the Moodle website. Therefore, any educator can use it to build or supplement a course. Blackboard is a proprietary Learning Management System and its use is typically limited to educators at institutions which pay a fee each year to take on a license agreement for its use. Blackboard Learn 9.1 is only one of many offerings from the software company Blackboard, Inc.
Document Storage Options GC engine features storage for text, images, video projects in is Media Manager and it ist is easy to embed content. It is also possible to attach Youtube videos. Features integration with various open web tools such as Dropbox, WebDav, PicasaWeb, Flickr, and many more. Maximum size of files is set by the Moodle Administrator and is dependent on the storage capacity of the server. Teachers can also set course file capacities. Unknown
Annual Cost Depends on the client’s needs and the size of the users. Less than half of the Blackboard’s price. No cost if internally hosted on server and supported by in-house staff Very expensive
Video-Conferencing Support and Integration Yes, it is integrated but has an extra cost Integration is free but service(s) may be at cost: 1. Blackboard Collaborate (expensive!)
Files Yes Yes Yes
Directories/Folder Yes Yes Yes
Create/extract file archives Yes Yes Yes
HTML-Editor Yes, integrated Yes (formula editor) Yes (with LaTeX filter for Math Formulas)
Multi-language compatibility Yes Yes No
Audio Yes. Embered, Yes (embedded Flow Player) Yes (embedded Quicktime Plugin; Internet Explorer uses WM Plugin)
Video Yes but relies on client browser to get and play video Yes (FLV embedded FlowPlayer in all browsers, MPG only with IE and installed plugins, WMV only with IE and installed plugins, MP4 only with IE and Chrome) Yes (MPG+WMV in all browsers with install QT-plugin, IE uses Windows Media plugin and FLV andMP4 are NOT supported
Upload a single file Yes Yes Yes (assignment)
Upload multiple files Yes Yes Yes (assignment)
Matching test Yes No No
Ordering test Yes No No
Ordering test Yes No No
Essay Yes No No
Video test with integrated face recognition Yes No No
Online text Yes Yes Yes (assignment)
Individual calendar Yes No Yes
RSS feeds No No Yes (database, forum, glossary)
Blogs No Yes (system-wide and within a course) Yes (course-bound)
Study group creation Yes No No
Note taking Yes No No
Self and Peer Assessment No Yes (Workshop) Yes
Survey/Feedback Yes Yes Yes
Messaging system Yes, including chat Yes (messaging system only) Yes
Adaptive release/ restrict access No Yes (scheduled, depending on grade, depending on total course grade, depends on access to defined content/activities) Yes (scheduled, depending on grade, depending on total course grade, depends on access to defined content, define your own rules)
File storage/exchange Limited Yes (my private files, students can use the database activity) Yes (instructors can use the file area, students can use file exchange in their group)
Plagiarism check Yes, integrated No but Crot and Turnitin are supported Yes (Safe Assign Integrated)
Search files (course) No No (only global search development) only with with a corresponding building block (e.g. Search XL)
Activity Completion Yes Yes Yes (content is marked as completed when accessed or participants are allowed to mark content as completed by themselves)
Wiki No Yes Yes
Pools/question bank Yes, easy to upload Yes Yes
Export Test results Yes Yes Yes
Export Submissions (answers) Yes No Yes
Paper test generator Yes No No
Question Types
File repsonse No Yes (assignment->upload a file) Yes
Fill in the blank Yes Yes (cloze via Hot Potatoes) Yes
Multiple Answer No Yes (multiple choice) Yes
Multiple Choice Yes Yes Yes
True/False Yes Yes Yes
Calculated formula/ calculated No Yes Yes
Calculated multiple choice No Yes No
Essay Yes Yes Yes
Short answer Yes Yes Yes
Calculated Numerical No Yes Yes
Matching Yes Yes Yes
Random short answer No Yes No
Send emails Yes Yes Yes
Send messages Yes Yes Yes
Chat Yes Yes Yes
Discussion board/forum Yes Yes Yes
Forum translation Yes No No
-Anonymous Posts No No Yes
-Attach a file Yes Yes Yes
-Participants can create threads Yes Yes Yes
-Subscribe Forum No Yes Yes
-Moderate a Forum Yes No Yes
-Graded forum Yes Yes Yes
-Search forums No Yes Yes
Announcements/News Forum Yes via status updates Yes Yes
Group Management Yes Yes Yes
Group Selection Yes Yes Yes
Group Tools Yes (chat, forum, choice, worksop, streaming courses, lessons, assignments, file and video exchange) Yes (wiki, forum, glossary, database, chat, test, choice, workshop, lesson, assignments) Yes (email, blog, wiki, journal, discussion forum (graded), chat, tasks, file exchange)
Course Reports Yes Yes Yes
Grade center/grades Yes Yes Yes
Early warning system Yes, with integrated email No Yes
Customization Settings Yes Yes Yes
Meta-enrollment Yes Yes only if Community System is installed
Manage course menu No Restricted (course menu gets built from existing content) yes
Customize course style No Yes (course theme, use label resource to add a banner) Yes (menu, banner, theme)
Manage Tools no Yes Yes
Course backup/export Yes Yes Yes
Course import Yes Yes Yes
Course restore yes Yes Yes
Import content/features from other courses Yes Yes Yes
File management Yes Yes (user and course-bound) Yes (course-bound)
Permissions and Roles
Pre-defined roles Super administartor Administrator, Instructor,Supervisor, VIP, User Site Administrator, Manager, Course Creator, Editing Teacher, Teacher, student, guest, user, frontpage Instructor, teaching assistant, course builder, grader, student, guest.
Edit existing roles Yes Yes Yes
Define new roles Yes Yes Yes
Switch between trainer and participant view No Yes Yes (editing off=participant view)
My Institution / My Home (Block)
RSS Feeds No No Yes
Announcements/News Forum Yes Yes Yes
To Do List/ Upcoming Events Yes Yes Yes
Messages Yes Yes No
Report Card/Quiz Results Yes Yes Yes
Online users Yes Yes Yes
My Calendar Yes Yes Yes
Download of complete course content Yes Yes No
Personal information/profile Yes Yes Yes
Create a downloadable list of participants Yes Yes Yes
Un-enroll from a course Yes Yes Yes


Your requirements. Our platform.

After several years of experience on the e-learning market, we began developing our own e-learning platform, GC engine. Our primary aim is to develop a platform that’s easy to shape to our clients’ demands and the goals they have for their courses. The result is an easy-to-customize platform that makes it simple to add new features. It’s also simple to manage and re-shape existing functions, it all depends on your objectives. All of our clients get an individually designed, customized, comprehensive learning management system and, if they need it, full service administration and further development. We put a great emphasis on individual design and branding. Not only that, we are continuously developing the platform and incorporating new technologies, both online and on our mobile app,  in an effort to meet new needs in the ever-evolving e-learning environment.