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Evolution and Innovation

Educational institutions

Throughout the development of our system, our aim has been to build a learning environment that mimics on-site education. We’ve built in communication tools to support instructor-student contact, which is something quite unique in the current e-learning market. We also find it extremely important that our students have a positive experience while learning on our platform. Another thing we’ve done is to automate most of the work processes, making it a lot easier for instructors and course administrators to set up and manage courses. Now they can do their job more quickly, effectively and with more success.

User quotes

Preston Davids:
The online theoretical part was convenient to complete, I was able to study at my own pace in my spare time and was able to access the system whenever I needed. The format of the multiple choice test was easily understood considering the time provided. The online platform was very convenient and user friendly, I was able to log into the system from numerous devices including my cellular phone and internet café. The system was available at all times and it was easy to fit my studies into my schedule. 

Muhammet Çelik:
When I started the IJF Academy online education I found the website so easy and simple. If somebody can use Facebook, then they can use this online platform easily. The platform is directing you and when you search for something, you can find it simply. The biggest advantage of the this platform is that we can use it easily and when I have a problem I can easily communicate with the site administrator. 


We provide a comprehensive service for our clients in higher education, including the migration of existing data and documents. As a result of this process, their students can study in a more modern and easy-to-use environment, compared to former e-learning systems.

Full service

Many colleges and universities don’t have as much HR support as they need. Global Connect Academy can take care of the complete setup and supervision of its e-learning services. We can handle the digitization of educational materials, development of online content, student management, as well as provide support for instructors and administrators.

Teaching the Teachers

If a school has a dedicated employee to act as platform administrator, Global Connect Academy will provide a short training course to this staff member, so he or she will then be able to handle the system as an admin.

Blended education

There’s no question that institutions will continue playing a very important role in the education system worldwide. To continue advancing, educational institutions have to take advantage of the opportunities provided by modern technology to develop more effective, less expensive education materials and get them in the hands of more students. This is the main purpose of blended education.” We have developed GC engine to help with student management functions and make organizing the practical part of education easier.

Multilingual structure

GC engine provides the highest quality in multilingual education available in the e-learning market. Not only can educational materials, tests and exercises be accessed in an unlimited number of languages, but we’ve also made paper-based tests accessible in all languages, too. This is a unique opportunity offered by our platform, making language changes possible with a click – even during tests.

Mobile application

An individually designed and branded mobile application is also available for our partners. Using the mobile app, students can access their course materials from wherever they are, whenever they would like to study. A smartphone or tablet is the only prerequisite for being able to study and to connect to their classmates and professors on the go.


The communication and social network module of GC engine makes it possible for former students of an institution to continue connecting after their studies. They can chat with each other, exchange e-mails, and their community can remain an active one. Schools can also use the platform as a way to keep in contact with Alumni course members, an invaluable group in educational communities.

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