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Learning and development is crucial for all firms and international corporations. In the business sector, knowledge translates into financial results. Businesses of the future – especially multinational companies – must focus on employee education in order to succeed. When it comes to e-learning in the corporate world, branding, flexibility and ease of use are essential in making the LMS work for development professionals and the employees participating.

Migration or producing educational content

Global Connect Academy can migrate existing data and documents into the GC engine learning platform. As a result course participants, volunteers and employees can study in a more modern and easy-to-use environment, compared to former e-learning systems.

Full service

If your organization needs support in overseeing the e-learning program, Global Connect Academy can provide all services related to the setup and oversight of the e-learning platform and services. Our services include the digitization of the educational materials, development of online content, course and participant management, as well as support for instructors and administrators.

Administration and reporting

If you already have professionals in place who will act as platform administrators, Global Connect Academy provides a short education course to any staff members involved, so they will be able to use the system effectively as administrators. Reporting is also very straightforward in GC engine. Assessment and course reports can be quickly opened and exported into PDF or Excel format for review by those outside the system.

Multilingual structure

GC engine provides the highest quality multilingual online learning functions in the market. Not only the education materials, the tests, the exercises, but the paper-based tests are accessible in unlimited number of languages as well. The language is changeable even during tests, with a simple click. We’ve worked to streamline setup for administrators and instructors while retaining impressive language functionality for users.

Mobile application

Your company can have its own individually designed and branded mobile app. The app allows course participants to access their learning materials from wherever they are, whenever they would like to study. A smartphone or tablet is the only requirement for studying and connecting to colleagues and instructors on the go.

Engaging social networks

Engage new hires, volunteers and long-standing employees in your online training programs by building a live community with GC engine’s built-in communication and social networking component. This networking opportunity doesn’t stop when the course is over, either – former participants from any course can continue to connect with each other, even after their studies and assessments have finished. Current and former participants can use the chat function, update their professional profiles, exchange e-mails, and keep their communities active.

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